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                                     What's New???

I am beyond excited to announce that I have been invited to be a member of the Lanesboro Art Gallery in Lanesboro, Minnesota.

Check out their site.  They have a lot of beautiful artwork!

Carved & Waxed article is published in Pottery Making Illustrated in their Sept/Oct publication.

Check it out!

Horse Hair and Raku Workshops

June 20 - July 6th

Thank you for all that participated in the workshop.  It was a smashing success!

More info to come on our upcoming workshops!

July 2015
I recently joined the Old Market Artists Gallery at 1034 Howard St. Omaha, NE.
Come by to see all the amazing work by a variety of artists!

 Come out to the Shelby, Iowa Art in the Park for a fun day of art, music and merriment!


2015  Harlan Art in the Park @ Harlan, IA

 We had a great time at the Harlan Art in the Park Show and Sale.  We will be back in Harlan for the Fall Sale on November 7th.  Hope to see you there!



2014 Art and the Urban Garden @ Lillstreet Art Center  Chicago, IL April 25 - June 1

Flower vases.  This show marks the end of my showing season.  The next three months will be spent coaching and offering ceramics classes to help my students grow as artists.  I'm looking at some pretty marked changes to my work in the near future, exploring new avenues of color and suface treatment.

 "Pour" @ Terra Incognito Gallery in Oak Park, IL  Jan. 25 - Feb. 26, 2014

 After a year of working with a limited palette of materials and styles, I am happy to say that I am not feeling nearly as confined as I expected.  Where my work usually evolves fast and into multiple avenues, it is now moving slower, yet in a more focused direction, instead of all over the place.  This is good for me, and I am quite happy with the results.  We shall see how much more investigation this current focus will require.....




 Twin Cups at the Pottery Fine Arts Gallery in Saint Joseph, MO  February 2014

Finally, a show close enough to home I may actually be able to attend the opening!  Excited to be a part of this cup show!


Strictly Functional Pottery National in East Petersburg, PA       Sept 14 - Nov 2, 2013

 This has been a truly blessed year.  I've learned to say 'NO'.  This is no small feat for me.  I jump at every opportunity to try something new, learn a new trick, and help others do the same.  However, there comes a time when too many irons in the fire leads to poor quality where it counts.

So I have put in notices to many of the side jobs I have, and there are quite a few, and have begun focusing on the truly important: my family and my art.  And I have been rewarded greatly with loving memories I otherwise would never get to experience.  This is the time that I get to spend with my beautiful daughter, trying to mold her into becoming the excellent person I know she will be. 

Quite thankfully, I have been rewarded with nods to my artwork by some great jurors. 

The most recent show is the Strictly Functional Pottery National.  This is considered the finest functional pottery show in the nation.  And while I cannot imagine being selected amongst the truly great artisans included in the show, I am elated that I will be.  My hope is that my work, now that I have done all I could to make it what it is, goes out into the world and represents itself as well as I could wish.



July 5 - 28  On Table @ Andersen O'Brien Gallery in Downtown Omaha, NE

A beautiful collection of functional pottery at the Old Market's finest fine art gallery.  Check the link below to preview the work of some very outstanding artists.



KC Clay Guild Teabowl National @ Thornhill Gallery - August 23, 2013

Two teabowls packed up and headed to Kansas City for the Teabowl National!



Tabletop Exhibit @ The Art League in Alexandria, VA  -  June 6 - July 1, 2013

I'm so excited to be a part of this great show glorifying the functional wares that beautify our daily lives.





The Art of Tea @ The OMaha Healing Arts Gallery  May - July, 2013

Small, but interactive!  On display througout April and May at the OM Gallery.  Come have some tea in a handmade mug lovingly made by me.  See how loose leaf tea heightens the taste and experience of drinking the world's most popular prepared beverage! 


Small Favors at The Clay Studio  4/5/13

Two of my espresso mugs were chosen to be included in the Small Favors show at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA. This is a show of functional and sculptural works less than 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" x 3 3/4".

America's Artfest 2013  3/28/13

One of my mugs was selected to be in the above show at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville, CA.  Yay! 


Bloom: A Celebration of Spring 3/15/13

Fresh out of the kiln and immediately photographed! These three pieces will be in the Bloom show, where vessels are chosen for their ability to speak of rebirth, growth and the beauty of Nature!



Kent State Cup Show! 3/7/13

Two of my mugs were selected by juror Kirk Mangus to be included in the Kent State Cup Show 2013.